Perceptions of Real-Time Marketing & How It's Achieved

What do you think of when someone says ‘real-time marketing’? We were wondering this as well, which is why Evergage surveyed more than 100 marketers across 18 countries, with the majority of responses from the U.S. to provide a snapshot of real-time marketing in 2014.


Throughout these results we’ll show you:

  • The marketers’ perceptions of real-time marketing
  • The difference between real-time and near-time
  • What’s the value versus investment
  • How real-time web personalization is achieved

Did you know 88% of digital marketers consider real-time marketing critical to their efforts, and many plan to invest in real-time technology? And those who are doing it, are seeing big returns!

Download our survey results to learn more about how marketers are using real-time marketing to be more successful and how you can get started today!

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