RPI Versus RFM
The Difference Between Real-Time and Near-Time Marketing


Marketers have come to depend heavily on RFM - Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value - as a way to create personalized engagements from customers. The problem is RFM rarely delivers the critical promise of real-time marketing. Looking beyond RFM lies another formula RPI - Relationship, Persona, and Intent. Are you looking to make each page more relevant, more tailored with every click, and more engaging to the consumer when it matters the most?

If so, this eBook will give you the tools to:

  • Experience a six-times increase in customer acquisition
  • See double-digit increases in web conversion rates
  • Become a leader in customer engagement

Find out for yourself why real-time relevant marketing matters. Download your free copy today to start building relationships with visitors and make your website your best consultative salesperson!

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